Write your own obituary

Death and taxes. None of us can escape either and while you can’t do anything about paying taxes, nothing says you have to trust your relatives to write your exit speech — your obituary.

A traditional obituary is no longer than 208 words and has a photo of you at the top. Sometimes this is a photo of you in your younger days and other times it is current, depending on how you want to be remembered. This time, you get to pick. To make this #letsblogoff a bit more challenging, we’re asking that you stick with the word limit of 208 for your obituary. You can write less if you want.

And if you really have more to say on the way out than can fit into 208 words, write another blog post and link back to your obituary.

If you want to place the badge on your post, just copy/paste the HTML code below:
<iframe id=lbo_frame src=http://letsblogoff.com/badge.html?obit target=_blank width=200 height=60 frameborder=0 scrolling=no><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

If you want the table of bloggers to build automatically for this #letsblogoff, copy/paste the JavaScript below at the end of your post.

<script src=http://letsblogoff.com/tables/219.js></script>
This changes with each theme, so be sure you paste it only within the current theme blog post.

This theme was selected by a vote from our readers and bloggers. We’ll open up voting for the next #letsblogoff theme from Jan 5-10, 2011 so be sure to make your voice heard and vote early!

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