Can Wikileaks Disclosures Land Hillary Clinton in Jail?

Can Wikileaks Disclosures Land Hillary Clinton in Jail?

October 25, 2016 Marketing2 0

Hillary Clinton may have turned and twisted in her bed and spent many a sleepless night since the day the infamous founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has made it his mission to scuttle the Democratic presidential nominee’s meticulously chalked campaign to become US’s first woman president. It seems Julian is hell-bent on foiling her attempts to become the 47th US Read More

5 Reasons Why Your toddler would keep on talking to you

5 Reasons Why Your toddler would keep on talking to you

October 20, 2016 Marketing2 0

When your toddler learns to talk, he/she would want to talk to you all the time. You’ll love enjoying a full, proper conversation with him. But he/ she may want that conversation to keep going on throughout the whole day, even when they can see you’re busy. They see if you’re busy they’ll try to irritate you more with questions, Read More


What is happiness?

October 18, 2016 Marketing1 0

What is happiness? Happiness has different meanings for different people. What does it mean for you? Has it changed with time? Let us know what the happiness means for you.


When Bed Bugs Attack!

October 13, 2016 Marketing1 0

Bed bugs area modern day plague that is costing homeowners and businesses 100s of millions of dollars annually. The prehistoric critters are almost impossible to get rid of and professionals are making a fortune eradicating them. You can do your own due diligence by taking precautions and by applying some simple techniques. Bed bugs are tough to get rid of Read More


The Shape of Your Body and Body Mass Index

September 26, 2016 Marketing1 0

If you’re at all interested in weight loss, one thing you must know is your body mass index or BMI. The BMI is a calculation that takes your weight and height into consideration to determine if you’re average, over, or underweight.

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The edge of your world

April 19, 2012 Marketing1 0

Less than a thousand years ago, some idiot climbed into a leaky boat and sailed off toward the edge where the sky met the water. His friends pleaded with him not to go, that he would fall off the face of the Earth. But he went. And he returned. Eighteen years ago, The Shawshank Redemption was released that had what Read More

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April 4, 2012 Marketing1 0

Spring is in the air, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. And spring means flowers; or the promise of flowers depending on your gardening prowess. Tell us your favorite flower story. Do you like flowers? Do they make you sneeze? Do you have a favorite? Or maybe you have a least favorite. Blogger Twitter Article Pat Eggleton @modicana Sicilian flower Read More

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March 22, 2012 Marketing1 0

The Girl Scouts do their best this time every year to make sure we are stuffed to the gills with cookies. Boxes of those cookies — complete with pleading, eager young faces feeding us a side of guilt — are everywhere; at the office, in front of the library, at your grocery store. What the heck, if you can’t beat Read More

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What’s your grammar pet peeve?

March 4, 2012 Marketing1 0

In an era where everyone who’s anyone publishes content to the internet, the English language is being abused like never before. While it’s true that English is a remarkably adjustable tongue, there are some rules. We pride ourselves around here with our strict adherence to AP Style. Even that changes with alarming regularity. So it led us to the next Read More

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That song stuck in your head

February 22, 2012 Marketing1 0

It’s that song that gets stuck in your head that some call an earworm. You can read a tweet with some lyrics snippet or hear it briefly while on hold or as you pass by a local shop. Sometimes a brief listen to a radio station as you flip the dials will put a song in your head. And you Read More

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