What one thing did you really want when you were a kid?

At the Let’s Blog Off main offices, we’re not big on nostalgia. We much prefer to talk in present tenses. However, in the commissary the other day, one of our interns was asking some senior partners about the movie “Citizen Kane.” Apparently, he’d never seen the film and so we spent an entire workday discussing that film. Just as it is every time the subject of Orson Welles’ magnum opus comes up, that conversation turned into a lengthy dissection of love and loss and the motives of driven people. We thought that a distillation of that long discussion would make a good Blog Off Topic.

So here goes.

All childhoods are marked by longing. Whether it’s longing to be excused from homework or longing to be fed regularly, childhood is a time of waiting, wanting and hoping.

So what was the one thing you longed for when you were a child? It doesn’t matter if it was a new bike or a baby brother, what was that one big thing? Furthermore, did you ever get it? Did it provide everything it promised? How do you think your childhood longing affects you as an adult?

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Funny thing you mention Citizen Kane! We were just discussing it at the office too. I had seen this post on Presentation Zen and had to share it with a co-worker: http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2011/08/presentation-lessons-from-citizen-kane.html

Our convo was less about childhood and more about symbolism. Just thought I’d share

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