What is legacy?

We’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately. As bloggers, every update we publish adds to our legacies though we’re not so sure most bloggers think of it that way. Think about it though; every post is another graffito carved into the great wide wall that is the internet.

Aside from an electronic legacy, what other ways do you (or anybody for that matter) build and preserve your legacy? What is it with the whole human need for a legacy anyhow? Why is being remembered so important?

In this week’s #letsblogoff, let’s examine the concept of legacy. You are welcome — indeed encouraged — to interpret this theme any way you wish. It’s part of your legacy after all.

Publish on your blog anytime on Tuesday, March 1st and send a tweet to @letsblogoff or fill out the form here if it is your first contribution so we can pick it up and add you to the list of participating bloggers. Be sure to visit all the other bloggers to see how they tackled the theme. Retweets and comments are always appreciated.

If you want to place the badge on your post, just copy/paste the HTML code below:

<iframe id=lbo_frame src=http://letsblogoff.com/badge.html?legacy target=_blank width=200 height=60 frameborder=0 scrolling=no><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

If you want the table of bloggers to build automatically for this #letsblogoff, copy/paste the JavaScript below at the end of your post.

<script src=http://letsblogoff.com/tables/272.js></script>
This changes with each theme, so be sure you paste it only within the current theme blog post.

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Thanks for the intro to #letsblogoff. Mmm…assignments. Eternal geek. I know–that is to say, THANK YOU.

Legacy? Great one.

Enjoying the idea that aeachblog is…
“another graffito carved into the great wide wall that is the internet.” Well put.

Even T.S. Eliot said nothing new can be said, conquered, etc…Monuments are set, they are just rearranged, and graffitos are etched.

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