My grandmother always said…

Around the Let’s Blog Off offices, we’ve been reading a lot (and talking a lot) about the Great Depression and the huge body of literature produced during the years after the stock market crash and the beginning of World War II.

Most of us around here had grandparents who lived through those years and we grew up with living reminders of what it’s like to be comfortable and then have that taken away. The generations that lived through those years were marked for life. Some people came out of it stronger and some people were simply broken by it. It’s easy to get nostalgic about past generations but that’s a trap. Life was as hard and disappointment as bitter as it is now.

It got us thinking about intergenerational relationships and how elders influence the generations that succeed them. So our question for this iteration of the Blog Off is this: What stories from the generations that proceeded you are the stories you hold close? What story your grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt or elderly neighbor stands out for you? How do these stories affect your daily life now?

If you want to delve a little deeper, what stories are you leaving the younger people in your life? For all of the technology available today, human culture’s still passed from generation to generation verbally.

So where do you fit into that?

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Well, I’ll be damned. I’m still not on the list. Neither is Paul Anater for that matter! I posted this morning about 8 or 9 Pacific Time, and Paul posted his about twenty minutes after I did. So wha hoppen?

And I’m still not on the list! I see Joe now is. I’ve tried to ask if I did something wrong via twitter but no one has directs back here.replied. Also, the link on Todd’s post on the list

Sorry, that should read “but no one has replied. Also the link to Todd’s post on the link directs right back to this site.”

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