It’s Thanksgiving, so let’s blog about food

We have a new batch of interns at the Let’s Blog Off building and they’re aren’t prepared for what awaits them this week now that Thanksgiving’s here. This is our official holiday and we plan and plot our Thanksgiving preparations every year with the kind of care most people reserve for weddings.

Every day this week, the Let’s Blog Off commissary will turn into a Thanksgiving wonderland as various staffers try to outdo one another with their culinary prowess. After we’ve finished eating, our tradition is to tell stories about Thanksgivings past. Obviously, not a whole lot gets done around here during Thanksgiving week. But we’re food people. When we’re not making it, we’re talking about it.

But that’s OK and frankly, we see Thanksgiving as the ultimate holiday. It’s a day set aside to be grateful, to eat good food and to tell stories. So this year, we decided it might be fun to let our favorite bloggers get in on our office traditions by telling us about some of their own.

So what’s a good Thanksgiving food memory for you? Tell us story about memorable Thanksgivings past or pass along a recipe or two. What’s on your table every year that makes your Thanksgiving yours?

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