How do you relax and recharge?

When the next Blog Off rolls around on June 21st, it’ll be officially summer. Ahhh summer, that glorious season. The mere mention of the word gets us singing highlights from Porgy and Bess:

and the livin’ is easy
fish are jumpin’
and the cotton is high

Thinking about summer and working out our travel schedules for the next couple of months got us thinking and it resulted in the next Blog Off topic. What are your vacation plans? Barring a full-fledged vacation, how do you recharge your batteries?

Since most of us who participate in Blog Offs are in the US, we exist on the treadmill of work first, relax last that seems to be unique to the United States. While we’re always interested in an international perspective, in this case we’d love to hear from people all over the globe. Consider that a challenge. Let’s expand the borders on this one. Talk to your friends in the international blogging community and let’s hear from some people all over.

Publish on your blog anytime on Tuesday, June 21st and send a tweet to @letsblogoff or fill out the form here if it is your first contribution so we can pick it up and add you to the list of participating bloggers. Be sure to visit all the other bloggers to see how they tackled the theme. Retweets and comments are always appreciated. Remember to use the #LetsBlogOff hash tag in your Tweets.

If you want to place the badge on your post, just copy/paste the HTML code below:

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If you want the table of bloggers to build automatically for this #letsblogoff, copy/paste the JavaScript below at the end of your post.

<script src=></script>
This changes with each theme, so be sure you paste it only within the current theme blog post.

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