That song stuck in your head

It’s that song that gets stuck in your head that some call an earworm.

You can read a tweet with some lyrics snippet or hear it briefly while on hold or as you pass by a local shop. Sometimes a brief listen to a radio station as you flip the dials will put a song in your head. And you can’t get rid of it.

That is all the prompting we’re giving you on this one. We hate to be the ones stuffing any tunes in your head that you can’t easily get rid of. Tell us a story about your favorite earworm or a time when you had song in your head or even when you didn’t. White noise is music sometimes, right?

Publish on your blog post anytime on Tuesday, February 28th and send a tweet to @letsblogoff (and fill out the form here if it is your first contribution) so we can pick it up and add you to the list of participating bloggers. Be sure to visit all the other bloggers to see how they tackled the theme. Retweets and comments are always appreciated. Remember to use the #LetsBlogOff hash tag in your Tweets. The editors reserve the right to accept or decline any submissions.

Please place the following badge on your post, just copy/paste the HTML code below:

<iframe id=lbo_frame src= target=_blank width=200 height=60 frameborder=0 scrolling=no><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

Be sure to add the table of bloggers to your post and it will build automatically for this #letsblogoff, copy/paste the JavaScript below at the end of your post. To be included on the table, you must display the badge on your blog post AND tweet to @letsblogoff AND publish between 12:00am and 9:00pm US-Eastern time. (New rule; we like sleep too)

<script src=></script>
This changes with each theme, so be sure you paste it only within the current theme blog post.

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[...] This post is inspired by #letsblogoff, a blog-writing challenge I stumbled across a while back thanks to Twitter. Every two weeks they throw out a theme and bloggers riff on it, taking it in all kinds of directions. We all link to each other’s posts but I am currently having trouble getting the Javascript to run that would pull the table, so for now go look at this post on Let’s Blog Off. [...]

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